18 May 2011

Pakistan’s Canada Cup Kabaddi Preparations Under Way

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The Pakistan Kabaddi Federation will hold an open trial in Islamabad later this month in order to finalize their team selection for the prestigious Canada Cup Kabaddi Tournament in August this year.

This year’s tournament, to be held in Toronto from August 6th until August 16th, will feature the world’s eight best teams – Pakistan, India, England, USA, Australia, Iran, New Zealand and the host nation, Canada.
Pakistan will select twenty players from the upcoming trials, which are scheduled to be held on May 18th. The federation plans to invite players from all of the country’s top teams, Wapda, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Air Force, Army, Navy, Police and Higher Education Commission, while the trials are also open to any other players who believe they have the skills and the talents needed to make an impact in the Kabaddi world cup.

“The final squad will undergo further training in Islamabad so that we can get the team organized and prepared for the event. It’s important that we get some good results at the Canada Cup,” said PKF President Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain.

He went on to explain that, “we want to give all players an equal chance to impress, and the final twenty will be selected based on how they perform. That is the prime objective of these trials.”

Pakistan kabaddi fans are still reeling from last year’s crushing 58-24 World Cup final loss to Indian last year, and are desperate to go one better, even if the Canada Cup doesn’t hold quite the same level of prestige as the World Championship does.

The training camp, which will take place at Islamabad’s Jinnah Sports Complex, will be supervised by the team’s national coach, added Hussain.

He also pointed out that the coach would be employing modern coaching methods to put the team through their paces, to make sure that the Pakistan kabaddi team is up to the task of taking on the world’s best.

This year’s Canada Cup Kabaddi will be hosted by the Sher-E-Punjab Sports and Culture Club, or SSCC, which is based in Toronto, Canada. This will be the second time that the club has hosted a major kabaddi tournament, having previously staged the 1995 World Kabaddi Championship.

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